Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

This air-combat game from Teyon promises to take advantage of the stereoscopic 3D on the 3DS across its campaign. Flying around in a mech, you fight villains using your mech’s weapons and upgrades, which can be bought by using in-game currency accrued by killing enemies. Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA

There is a difference though, despite the big difficulty curve: the game got challenging and not frustrating, and that made me want to play the game. Without doing a deep explanation, your character has two different ways to play: the “Vehicle Mode” and the “Mech Mode”, and like their names imply, the first one is better to move around at high speed and the second to attack closer enemies. Both are able to shoot enemies (though it is inefficient on vehicle mode) and missiles, the latter one is capable to follow enemies if they are locked-on.The “Mech Mode” also has two additional features: you can do small boosts that allows you to avoid attacks and get closer to your enemy, and also, strike your enemy with a strong sword attack (It is great for slow ground enemies, but pretty much pointless to air ones). Again, I highly recommend to read the manual before playing, since you will need to change both modes really often. Your objectives will appear on waves, but since they usually don’t come after you, you will need to go after them. Their location appears on both screens, but each screen has its own function: the upper screen is used for lock-on enemies while the bottom screen is a radar. Iron Combat War in the Air 3DS CIA


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