Ikachan 3DS CIA

Ikachan 3DS CIA

Ikachan 3DS CIA

Ikachan 3DS CIA

Takes place in Ironhead’s realm, an underwater cave system. A series of earthquakes had recently caused cave-ins that cut off Ironhead’s realm from the open sea. As such, the inhabitants of the cave ran out of food and were required to carry pearls marking their allegiance to Ironhead. Ironhead himself remains stuck in a private cave, spreading paranoia and encouraging violence against non-citizens to keep the population of the cave from overthrowing him as their leader. Ikachan wakes up inside the cave and swims around, searching for a way to escape. Ikachan 3DS CIA

Ikachan 3DS CIA

Though it is making its Nintendo debut on 3DS, Ikachan 3DS CIA is already more than 10 years old, existing as a freeware game created by Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya, best known as the developer of Cave Story. Time has been very kind to the game, fortunately, especially since Nicalis touched up the graphics and added some very nice 3D effects for the recent eShop release.Right from the get-go, Ikachan has a hell of a lot in common with Cave Story. You wake up as a creature with no memory of where you came from, and then you go exploring an open 2D world, slowly piecing together your past. The graphics and music are also extremely similar to boot, so much so that if you closed your eyes and turned on one of the games at random, you might have trouble telling the difference. You control a little squid named Ikachan, which means “little squid” in Japanese, and the primary method of movement is swimming, done in a very Mario Bros.-esque way as you propel the character with a tap of the A button. Moving can only really be done diagonally, which provides a nice, interesting challenge that changes up the usual platforming formula. The progression of the game is a little non-linear, but the map isn’t that expansive, and areas are gated by story-based earthquakes or the two power-ups you find over the course of the game.


Release Date : January 31, 2013
Publisher :
Daisuke Amaya
Developer :
Daisuke Amaya
Region :
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