I Am Setsuna [SWITCH XCI]

I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna Tokyo RPG Factory’s debut title takes us to a world overrun by snow and demons, which are hungry for their next human sacrifice to appease an ancient custom. The young girl Setsuna is chosen as the next forfeit. However, this tale is told from the point of Endir, a mercenary who at the beginning of the game is handed the task of killing Setsuna himself. Deals are struck and you begin a pilgrimage to the Last Lands, though we’ll let you experience more story specifics in the game. It’s a rather simple premise that may borrow a bit too much from Final Fantasy X, but add in a couple of twists and turns of its own and you’ve got a journey that’s worth taking, for the most part.
Some limited dialogue options let you shape Endir’s personality and relationships with other characters to make the trip a little more meaningful, but they never have a direct effect on the actual story. Couple this with a few hidden side missions towards the end of the game and I Am Setsuna has all the groundwork of a great role-playing game in terms of its plot, characters and world building; yet it doesn’t build upon this to his its full potential. Don’t get us wrong, the expedition is enjoyable enough from beginning to end, but it all feels a little paper thin in some aspects.
But those not looking to take a trip down memory lane may be left wanting more, though in pure gameplay hours this offers a reasonable return on investment. The no-thrills plotline and gameplay outside of combat could have been fleshed out, leaving this one short of its full potential. I Am Setsuna could be the perfect complement to your Nintendo Switch, but if you’re not foaming at the mouth with nostalgia it’s certainly an optional purchase.


Release Date : 3rd Mar 2017
Publisher :  Square Enix
Developer :  Tokyo RPG Factory
Genre: RPG
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 1.7 GB


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