Hyrule Warriors Legends [ 3ds Decrypted Roms ]

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Cut down entire legions of enemies as Link, Zelda, Midna and other characters from The Legend of Zelda franchise using over-the-top powerful Dynasty Warriors-style moves. Hyrule Warriors Legends This tour de force through the beloved locales of Hyrule will have players battling some of the fiercest enemies in The Legend of Zelda history. Two players can play local co-op, with one player joining on the Wii U Game-pad and another using a controller on the TV display. Hyrule Warriors mixes the hack-and-slash gameplay of Koei Tecmo’s Dynasty Warriors series of video games with the settings and characters from Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series. Amongst many other characters, the player controls an original iteration of Link in melee combat to take on large numbers of enemies from the Legend of Zelda series. While there is a much stronger emphasis on combat than other games in the Legend of Zelda series, the player may use common weapons from prior games in the series, such as a sword, bombs, and Link’s signature spin attack.Enemy targeting also returns, in combination with elements from the Dynasty Warriors combat system.Obtaining items through discovering and opening chests is retained as well.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

Technical failings like these suck the wind out of a game that, otherwise, is brimming with fanservice for Zelda fans. Take the epic scale of the first boss fight with Dodongo. Hyrule Warriors Legends Rather than charge through the wall with an effective explosion, the barricade simply vanishes on contact, resulting in a cheap-looking setup for a big moment that feels incomplete. It’s a brief but jarring example of how slipshod this port can feel at times, and even ignoring that, Dodongo and the rest of the bosses look equally lame thanks to hideously low-resolution textures. Rather than make use of the 3DS’s graphics capability to make textures that look good at lower resolution, this port simply scales down the Wii U textures until they’re a blurry mess. Even a lot of the menus look bad because of horribly smudged or blurry art.


Release Date : September 26, 2014
Publisher :
Developer :
Region : USA
File Type : 3ds Decrypted Roms
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