Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Following the success of Hustle Kings for PlayStation 3, VooFoo Studios’ Hustle Kings on PS Vita has arrived. Whether you live in pool halls or just whisk through them once in a blue moon, Hustle Kings is enticing thanks to a variety of options that look out for everybody. The game’s pockets are stuffed with enough content to make it worthwhile for any would-be pool shark. With a lengthy career mode spanning eight rival teams, bonus game modes, trick shot tests and a stack of online options, you’re unlikely to get this much value for money on your local pool table. Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK

Though you can approach without prior pool proficiency, the game does try to instil some knowledge in you, and the quicker you pick it up, the better. It encourages you to prod different areas of the ball to add spin, to hold your cue at varied angles to make jump shots. It’s actually rather deep, and the comprehensive tutorial mode does a good job of explaining everything. There’s an emphasis on score, money earned through skilful play, which can be spent on even more game modes and avatars, or gambled away online in competitive matches. Standard game types such as US 8-ball, 9-ball and black ball lurk among more unique match types like killer, cut-throat, 14.1 continuous and 3-ball. You can hop into unrestricted free play to practise shots, or there are bonus games with far more specific win conditions: beat the clock, clear the table in a certain number of shots, slip the balls into designated pockets, pots only count if they’re the result of a bank shot and so on. If you like your ball games, Hustle Kings puts more than enough options on the table. Hustle Kings PSVITA VPK


Release Date : February 22, 2012
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : VooFoo Studios
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 388MB






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