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Hometown Story

HomeTown Story

Hometown Story

Players will immerse themselves in a hear-warming story where they take over and manage their grandmother’s old shop. With a thorough mix of adventure, discovery, and wonder, Hometown Story aims to fill the hearts of gamers both young and old with a fanciful, surprising and engaging gaming experience. Being the owner of an adorable-looking store could’ve been a fun little lesson in capitalism. After all, who doesn’t love seeing their hard work rewarded with lots of money and success? Unfortunately, Hometown Story is so wrapped up in clunky mechanics, uneven pacing, and dull gameplay that its heartwarming tale of friendship and finance is lost in a sea of confusion and monotony.

Hometown Story

Its charming premise of a young boy or girl returning to a their childhood village to take over grandma’s run-down shop is accompanied by equally charming graphics and music; not surprising, given that Hometown Story is the brainchild of Harvest Moon creator Yoshida Wada. But whereas Harvest Moon has plenty of different ways to keep you occupied, Hometown Story’s gameplay is about one thing and one thing only: maximizing profits. Building up the store and stocking the shelves with everything from food to tools and rare objects is an easy-to-understand concept that works well, particularly when you have a line of enthusiastic A.I. patrons lined up waiting to purchase your wares. Unfortunately the pursuit of wealth becomes rather tedious, since buying and selling is pretty much all you can do in Hometown Story. You can’t grow crops, you can’t fish, you can’t cook, you can’t mine, and you can’t craft. Thus, in order to upgrade your inventory and turn a profit, you’ll need to forage for items or buy them, then enlist others to help you turn them into valuable commodities.


Release Date : October 22, 2013
Publisher : Natsume
Developer : ToyBox Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 544MB


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