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Hey Picmin

And his first 2D platformer will give you a new perspective on his adorably fierce partners. Touch the screen to throw Pikmin into action: swim with Blue Hey Pikmin, fly with Winged Pikmin, and more to survive hostile wildlife, solve ecological puzzles, and escape. Olimar and his Pikmin pals are finally getting a release date for their first side-scrolling adventure, and it’s July 28. We first saw a glimpse of Hey! Pikmin game during the Sept. 2016 Nintendo Direct. At the time, the game didn’t have an official title, but Nintendo’s Bill Trinen described the game as “designed with action in mind.”

Hey Picmin

Hey Pikmin takes a totally new approach with the franchise. Rather than a spacious open world for you to explore full of puzzles for you to solve, Hey! Pikmin is much more straightforward and adopts a 2D approach. Levels are side-scrolling, with the Circle Pad being used to move Captain Olimar around the screen. You start the game out with a jetpack and a whistle; the whistle serves the same function it did in the original Pikmin titles, which is to round up your adorable little plant helpers. The objective also remains the same, which is collecting items to return to your ship to generate fuel for a return trip home. This time around, however, rather than having your Pikmin deliver these items you have a convenient teleporter that will move the item back to the ship for you once your pikmin have lifted it off the ground. In a way the game feels a bit like Pikmin meets Donkey Kong Country. You move side to side and as you see enemies or obstacles you tap the screen to throw Pikmin at the problem. We were told there would be multiple paths you could follow, though we only had the time to try the game’s opening stages.


Release Date : December 13, 2011
Publisher : Red Wagon
Developer : Red Wagon
Region : JAP | Multi Language
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1370MB


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