Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D

Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D

Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D

In this fast-paced modern day shooter, gamers must protect their team as they move from cover to cover, eliminating threats as they appear. Players can fight on foot or with a variety of vehicles including tanks helicopters, and APCs. They can also utilize weapons ranging from handguns to mounted cannons and grenades, as well as play through 24 missions featuring a multi-path cover system. If there’s one distinguishing feature that makes Teyon’s Heavy Fire series stand out from video gaming’s crowd of military shooters, it’s that it has no distinguishing features. Like, zero. It has features, sure, but nary an original idea nor even a whiff of one.

Heavy Fire The Chosen Few 3D

Heavy Fire: Black Arms 3D continues the series’ tradition of being a complete waste of brainpower for both developer and player alike. Much like its 3DS predecessor, Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D, Black Arms 3D is a spiffed-up version of a WiiWare title that tweaks enough of the periphery experience to provide a more pleasant experience, but leaves the uber-dull core intact. That core is an arcade light-gun game, but without the charm, challenge or actual lightgun. Instead of murdering everyone ever in the Middle East, your squad is sent into the jungles of Brazil to shoot-bang generations worth of cartel members across six ostensibly different missions. What this entails is a new, greener environment, but the same ol’ baloney gameplay. Now, inherently the genre is limited, centering wholly around making the absolute bare minimum player interaction — pointing and shooting — the thrust of gameplay. With spectacle, humor, surprise and a clear creative direction, a game of this ilk can succeed by fooling the player into forgetting that they are doing literally nothing else but pointing a plastic toy at a screen. Sadly, Black Arms 3D has none of these qualities. Black Arms 3D’s idea of spectacle is shooting at harmless trucks and explosive barrels, sleepily moving the camera from scene to scene and flooding the stage with braindead cannon fodder.


Release Date : October 15, 2013
Publisher : Mastiff
Developer : Teyon
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 83MB


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