Has-Been Heroes [SWITCH XCI]

Has-Been Heroes

Has-Been Heroes is a game that is full of great ideas but gets dragged down by poor execution. The way it combines RPG and roguelike elements with basic tower defense gameplay has so much potential that it unfortunately can’t live up to in the face of imbalanced difficulty curves and unwieldy controls. It feels much more like a proof of concept that, with time and updates, could some day lead to a great adventure.The randomization of the maps and encounters is a great way to keep a repetitive game feeling fresh and draw its players in, but it also leaves too much up to chance. There is such a huge swing between a successful run and one that ends early that it’s difficult to determine whether or not this game is genuinely difficult, or if it’s just unfair. Even if you’re a great strategist and you can get into the rhythm of battles, there’s no accounting for sheer bad luck. It often feels like the game’s biggest joke is that it’s actively working against you, but it’s happening in a way that bullies its players more than welcomes them to laugh along with it.The roguelike elements come in both on and off of the battlefield. Each time you start a new game a whole new map will be available to explore, and you never know how many enemies might show up with each battle that you encounter. The roguelike nature of the adventures keeps things interesting, but this can also either make or break the game. Rather than just running into battles on the map, you can also find treasure chests, merchants, and a spell vendor that resembles a sort of fantasy gashapon. The maps are always different, so where you go, who you battle, and what you collect is determined entirely at random.


Release Date : 4th Apr 2017
Publisher :  Gametrust
Developer :  Frozenbyte
Genre: Action, Strategy
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 1.1 GB



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