Harvest Moon Animal Parade [ Wii ISO ]

Harvest Moon Animal Parade

Harvest Moon Animal Parade

Harvest Moon Animal Parade

The divine tree which once stood in the middle of the Harvest Goddess’ pond is weakening, the creatures are beginning to leave the land, and the five bells have lost their power. The Harvest Goddess believes that only the strength of the Harvest King can help revive the earth and bring the tree back to life. It’s up to the player to help the Harvest Sprites ring the five mystical bells, summon the Harvest King, and revive the Harvest Goddess’ tree and the land. Harvest Moon Animal Parade allows players to select either a boy or girl farmer and then start a long journey towards building up a successful country ranch. Nestled near the quaint seaside buildings of Harmonica Town, your ranch is your home and also base of operations for your various farming activities. At the start of the game your character arrives at the ranch he or she just recently purchased with a small harvest sprite named Finn in tow. Finn, as he darts about nervously, insists that the player needs to find and assist the Harvest Goddess, who is suffering from some sort of illness or lack of power. As you’ll find out shortly into the game, it’s the player’s job to not only successfully build a life for him or herself, but also ring the five elemental bells of the land and restore power to the Harvest Goddess.

Harvest Moon Animal Parade

At its core, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is a fixed camera role-playing game and farming simulation, all rolled into one. Harvest Moon Animal Parade Like previous Harvest Moon titles, time passes as you perform chores outside (it’s usually paused when you’re indoors) and you’ll work each day to accomplish whatever tasks you set out to do. One second of real time is — roughly — one minute of game time, so players have more than enough time to work around the ranch before retiring to bed.


Release Date : November 12, 2009
Publisher : Natsume
Developer : Marvelous Entertainment
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.93GB


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