Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

The bad guys are after Princess Lola. You gotta protect her! Choose from a diverse and memorable cast of six classes, each with unique weapons and customizable, upgradeable skills. Strategically place barricades and turrets, hire hirelings, move Lola (the source of your power) around the map, and get ready to hack, slash, and magically mash wave after wave of enemies. Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA

Here’s a typical snapshot of a battle in Gotta Protectors. Hundreds of enemies are hammering on the defenses from four different sides, the turrets and barricades are slowly but surely succumbing to the hordes, you and the Princess desperately attempt to beat them back with magic and arrows, and for every felled enemy four stronger ones take its place. It sounds hopeless and difficult, right? At times it can be overwhelming, but when you inevitably do prevail over the opposition, the sense of satisfaction is nearly unparalleled. Gotta Protectors does a fantastic job of providing exciting, action-packed gameplay, and it’s a title you definitely don’t want to miss out on. The story is simple and the writing is hilarious. The royalty of the Kingdom of Magicadia find themselves transported to another dimension where monsters and demons are constantly lurking. Princess Lola and her team of bodyguards, the Gotta Protectors, set out to get to the bottom of what’s happening and return to their home. It’s a pretty thin plot, but it’s the character interactions that keep it interesting. As pointed out in a recent article, Brian Gray – of Kingdom Hearts and Fire Emblem fame – was the sole man responsible for the translation of the game and he did a remarkable job. Dialogue is quite reminiscent of Paper Mario – it never takes itself too seriously, frequently breaks the fourth wall, and is generally lighthearted. For once, you might find yourself actually watching the cutscenes in this game as opposed to skipping through all the dialogue as fast as possible. Gotta Protectors 3DS CIA


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