Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist [ 3DS CIA ]

Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist

Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist 3ds roms

Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist

Take your boutique to the top as you style the stars of tomorrow in Nintendo presents: Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist , only for Nintendo 3DS family systems. As an aspiring fashionista with big dreams, take charge of a struggling boutique, transform its fortunes and become the hottest, most influential stylist on the scene. Customers will swing by your stylish store to get advice on the hottest new fashions. Listen to their requests, then share your trendiest tips to help them find the perfect look. Whether it’s a dress for a date or a coat for a crucial job interview, you’ll need to pick out the right outfit for the right situation! Before you know it, you’ll be styling the stars of tomorrow! Work with Ethan, the founder of a top talent agency, to pioneer brave new looks for the rising stars of the music industry. Watch on as these soon-to-be celebs take to the stage for fabulous live performances, bursting onto the glamorous music scene in the very outfits that you picked out.

Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist

With the power of fashion, you’ll transform a quaint town into a thriving city of style and sophistication, full of new opportunities to grasp. Girls Mode 4 Star Stylist Between the hustle and bustle of the menswear shop, the beautician, the hair salon and more, there are always plenty of things to do and new opportunities to grasp in this up-and-coming city. Open the Shop do and design center apps on your in-game smartphone, and you’ll discover a whole new world of possibilities. Share your creations with other designers around the world, sell your wares for extra cash to spend in-game, or just post your favorite screenshots on social media. In this latest entry, stories of customers may unfold differently based on the outfits you select for them. The aim is to become a top stylist as you work alongside rising stars who rock your fashion choices on-stage. With more than 20,000 new and returning fashion items to discover, customization is seemingly limitless. There is currently no information about a North American localization for the latest Style Savvy.


Release Date : November 02, 2017
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Syn Sophia
Region : JAP
File Type :
RAR File Size : 534MB


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