Gem Smashers [ 3DS ROMS ]

Gem Smashers

Gem Smashers

Gem Smashers

Wrapper in a sci-fi back story, this puzzle game stars the creatures BAU, BAM and BOM who, as Gem Smashers, travel the world to spring, spin, and smash the crystal cells where their friends are imprisoned. It’s up to you to help our little heroes survive. Use their magic energy which makes them change colors it is only possible for them to break down the gems and free their friends if they are the same color as the gem. In 2003, explorers daring enough to venture deep into the recesses of that oppressive structure known as Generic-Looking Game Boy Advance Puzzler Mountain came across a small treasure a mix between Bust-A-Move and Arkanoid that proved about as fun as it was unexpected. Now comes its successor of the same name, Gem Smashers, but in the eight-year interim it’s unfortunately lost quite a bit of its lustre. Many years ago, in a time forgotten by palaeontologists, our pointless story unfolds: you control one of three creatures who must save their friends from Imbu, an evil scientist who wants to capture all of them in crystal cells. You can pick between the fast but weak Bom, the strong but slow Bam or the well-rounded Bau, and proceed to bounce about a series of small stages, colliding with the titular gems to free your comrades. You continuously move forward and steer with the D-Pad or Circle Pad, dashing and slowing down with A and B. Colour swapping provides the twist you must share the same hue with your target to smash it, and you switch by touching certain scattered blocks. You’ll also avoid obstacles and collect power-ups, careening through breakable tiles to unearth some of them, before exiting once all of your companions are free.

Gem Smashers

Story Mode sees you travel about a world map, playing through over 100 somewhat small stages, Gem Smashers though these are larger than their GBA counterparts. That cramped feeling formerly added to the challenge, and the wider space makes your character’s progress feel a bit sluggish at times, but what really takes away from the difficulty is the almost complete lack of a penalty for your mistakes. While skull squares lie in wait, they’ll only cause you to almost immediately re-spawn, points intact and lives a non-factor. Until level design picks up the slack in the last third of the game, this creates a sense of pointlessness that, for the most part, takes the fun right out of it.


Release Date : November 1, 2011
Publisher : Crave Entertainment
Developer : Frame Studios
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 109MB


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