Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D

There’s trouble in Monster Town! Vlad the vampire’s loyal zombies have disappeared. Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D and all her monster friends will have to bust some serious moves on the dance floor in order to lure them back. Along the way, maybe they can uncover the identity of the mysterious creature that’s terrorizing Monster Town’s zombies.

Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D

This all sounds like bad news for Gabrielle, but it also turns out to be bad news for gamers, as the rhythm sequences are spread painfully far apart. Gabrielles Ghostly Groove 3D It’s not uncommon for five or even ten minute stretches to separate these interactive scenes, and the rest of your time will be spend tapping to advance dialogue. No matter how funny that dialogue is and we confess it is often quite funny it’s extremely dull to have to sit through stretches of it that last exponentially longer than the isolated gameplay itself. It’s a serious design flaw, and it really does hurt Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3D. Young children make up the audience that the game should appeal to most, and the chatty characters are likely to bore them long before they’ve had much of a chance to do anything. There is no voice acting, so that makes it even more tedious for any child who can’t yet read. When there’s actually something to do within the game, though, it’s quite fun. The dances are performed by following prompts, of course: these appear on the top screen and you tap, slide and flick your way across the touch screen in response. The controls are solid and responsive, and we never had a problem with our actions being read improperly.


Release Date : October 4, 2011
Publisher : Natsume
Developer : Natsume
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 85MB


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