Funky Barn 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Funky Barn 3D

Funky Barn 3D

Funky Barn 3D

With tons of wacky contraptions and goofy animals, Funky Barn 3D is not your average game on the farm. Ready to make some wool? Pop your sheep into The Shearing Machine and he will hilariously cannonball out … surprised but shorn. Ready to harvest your crops? Hook up the Flying FruitBox-Haybale-Copter that flies around crazily picking up boxes of fruit and grain. It won’t take long for gamers to become immersed in their growing farm as they also manage livestock, crop fields, and a wide variety of unique farm machines. In such an open farming world, gamers can focus on the aspects of farming they find to be the most fun.

Funky Barn 3D

To those still undecided on whether to pick up a Wii U before Christmas, I BET it’s because you’ve been holding out for our review of Funky Barn 3d. I can only apologise for the slight delay in getting it to you. 505 Games’ cute little farm-strategy game for Wii U initially comes across as a kind of proto-Harvest Moon, but in reality it’s more of a real-time strategy affair – a mix of Farmville and Theme Park. It’s not terrible – actually it’s pretty entertaining, if basic – but it hasn’t got enough going on to justify a full launch-game price. Funky Barn puts you in charge of a run-down farm and tasks you with building it up to verdant productivity again, populating the paddocks with cute animals and building various barmy contraptions to make your farming life easier. It’s these machines – a gigantic egg robot that collects eggs for you, a shearer that plucks sheep from the field with its gloved, mechanical hand and relieves them of their wool – that give Funky Barn personality, making it more likeable than the bare-bones presentation initially indicates. As your farm starts to run itself more effectively, you’ve got more time to expand and build more stuff.


Release Date : April 3, 2012
Publisher : 505 Games
Developer : Tantalus
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 81MB


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