Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK

Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK

Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK

Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK

Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK is an action-packed sci-fi monster bashing game published by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK

The game is a third-person battle action game, and features local and online multiplayer functionality, both co-operative and competitive, for up to eight players. Freedom Wars PSVITA VPK The game features a grappling whip called the “thorn” that the player can use to zip across the battlefield and pull giant enemies to the ground. Different classes of thorns also grant various special techniques, such as traps, healing, and shields. Players fight alongside androids known as Accessories which provide combat support during missions; the player gives a set of commands to their Accessory that they execute, which include holding a position, collecting materials, or rescuing civilians. The game features a system known as the City-State War Mode , where players are separated into 47 Panopticons within the Japanese version of the game, with each representing one of Japan’s 47 prefectures, and 50 Panopticons representing select global cities within the Asian and western localised releases. Each Panopticon competes with the others in development, where players set out to seek natural resources and invade other Panopticons. Developed Panopticons have the capability to place other ones under their control, and leaderboards are used to compare each City-State. Within this mode, criminals fight amongst other criminals from rival Panopticons. At the end of each mission, players can choose to give the materials they collect to the Panopticon as a “contribution” which reduces their sentence and adds GPP points to their Panopticon on the leaderboards, or they can keep the material for personal use later on; however, refusal to hand over certain prohibited material will result in the player being penalized with additional years in their sentence. The top few Panopticons with the highest total GPP score are granted special rewards and bonuses during competitive events. Missions involve players fighting against giant mechanized weapons known as Abductors, and rescuing civilians captured by them. Accessories can be abducted by enemy Abductors once they have fallen, and in such cases the player is required to rescue them. In addition to hunting and rescue type missions, item collection and capture the flag missions also exist. In some missions, players will need to fight off against other teams of fighters from other Panopticons who will compete against the player’s team, and attempt to rescue civilians for their own side. Players collect resources known as abductor parts which fall from enemies, which are used for crafting or contributing to the Panopticon; those who contribute to their Panopticon are rewarded with customisation options for their accessory and player appearance


Release Date : October 28, 2014
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : Dimp
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.46GB


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