Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive! [ 3DS ROMS ]

Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive!

Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive!

Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive!

You can create colorful creatures called Formees and bring them to life right on your Nintendo 3DS system. Pick from over 600 different forms to complete your creation like wings for flying or wheels for rolling. The choices you make determine what abilities your formee will have. Explore vibrant areas, deep dungeons, and interact with other Formees. Use the StreetPass feature and QR Code icons to share your Formees with friends who also have the game, or create Formees together with up to four player local multiplayer. Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive! contains all the content of the original Nintendo eShop release, plus much more.

Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive!

There are a lot of body parts to choose from when designing your formee, such as wings allowing your formee to fly and wheels that will make your formee move much faster on land. Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations Alive! Once you’ve mastered the drawing board and brought a team of formees to life, it is now time to explore the side-scrolling platform aspects of the game, exploring your personally customised planet and completing quests as you go. Enjoy discovering new body parts and locations, as the planet gets bigger as more formees are created. Try your hand at fruit eating, collecting money, unlocking and exploring dungeons. In each of the all-new dungeons, you are tasked with tackling a perilous task in order to find hidden jewels. By completing the dungeons you can unlock new abilities called Special Actions. These add another layer of personalisation to your formees through new animations and sounds such as shooting actual missiles from your formee or engulfing it in flames. Each dungeon features elements from the location in which it’s found such as water in the Ocean dungeon or wind currents in Cloudland. On every floor you must find a jewel which acts as the key to the next floor. Model formees and Guests’ formees from StreetPass will appear in each dungeon, trying to hinder your progress. Defeat these formees in order to reach the end and the final boss battle!


Release Date : November 5, 2012
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Asobism
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 107MB


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