Flying Hamster HD [ PSVITA VPK ]

Flying Hamster HD

Flying Hamster HD

Flying Hamster HD

Relatively new to the game development scene, The Game Atelier has fairly quickly showed the industry that it means business. Their first game on the Vita, Flying Hamster HD is a port of the Android and iOS title of the same name. What we have here is something reminiscent Parodius on the SNES; A 2D shooter with just six levels, but the sort of addictive gameplay and punishing difficulty that fans of yesteryear will relate to. Released around six months ago in Europe and now finally seeing a release in North America I delved into the candy coloured, slightly bonkers title to find out more.

Flying Hamster HD

Releasing as an indie title for less than the price of a bus ticket and featuring so few levels you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is a small title that will be over quickly. Flying Hamster HD You’d be right and wrong actually; while the game is short in length cleverly worked out trophies are actually central to the experience and ensure that the game doesn’t get repetitive quickly. The screen constantly scrolls from right to left as you fight your way through waves of cute enemies in order to save your lady hamster friend. You see, like in Mario every time you complete a level and think you have saved your furry partner another boss comes along and whisks her off, sending you into the next level. Without a shadow of a doubt this is clearly a rubbish, done-many-times-over story but the cartoony art style you can see from the pictures gives the game an Anime feel and would even make Simon Cowell smile. Each several second long sequence is played with storybook pictures that bring the insanity to life. The Game Atelier has also been quite inventive with enemy patterns and it’s always a joy seeing the animated backgrounds, enemies and bosses come to life.


Release Date : October 2, 2013
Publisher : The Game Atelier
Developer : The Game Atelier
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 80MB


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