Fire Emblem Warriors [SWITCH XCI]

Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors has a few characters. The vast majority are plucked from Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates, a fact which may annoy some seasoned fans of the series. There are some protagonists from earlier entries – as well as all-new faces, such as lead characters Rowan and Lianna – but this is clearly a package aimed at modern followers of the franchise, and thanks to the focus on switching between units during battle, you’ll get more of a chance to familiarise yourself with each one than you perhaps did in Hyrule Warriors.Despite their enduring fame and commercial success the Musou games have, in the past, come dangerously close to self-parody, and it’s easy to see why critics of the series consider them to be little more than repetitive button-bashers. Thankfully Fire Emblem Warriors is anything but a mindless brawler; it combines enjoyable combat with real-time tactics, faithfully paying tribute to the two franchises it fuses together. Musou fans will love the fantasy setting and blade-based action, while Fire Emblem followers will appreciate the strategic wrinkles that series adds to proceedings. While the story is largely forgettable there’s plenty of fan-service for Fire Emblem lovers here; granted, the cast list focuses on the more recent outings on the 3DS, but we imagine that DLC will redress the balance moving forward. Despite the addition of deeper tactics we fear that Fire Emblem Warriors may still be too samey for those who have struggled with Koei Tecmo’s franchise in the past, but everyone else should definitely give this a try; it may well be one of the best Musou outings yet seen.


Release Date : 20th Oct 2017
Publisher :  Nintendo
Developer :  Tecmo Koei
Genre: Action, Adventure
Region : EUR
File Type :
File Size : 13.46 GB


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