Fire Emblem Kakusei Japan [ 3DS ]

Fire Emblem Kakusei Japan

Fire Emblem Kakusei Japan

Fire Emblem Kakusei Japan

There are games that I like. And then there are games that I like that I become obsessed with. Fire Emblem Kakusei falls into the second category. What follows, therefore, isn’t just a review. It’s a warning. Play the new Fire Emblem on Nintendo’s 3DS, and all of this could happen to you. Some basics about the game: Fire Emblem games are essentially very fancy chess. You control a set of units—a fighting force of knights, archers, mages, women on flying horses and the like—and maneuver them around the grid of a battlefield. As in chess, each type of unit has its own rules about how it can move and attack. Each has special weaknesses, too. Don’t fly your Pegasus Knights near enemy archers, for example. Now imagine if every chess piece had its own personality and gained experience every time you used it. Let’s say you’re good at slaying pawns and bishops with one of your rooks. That rook will go stronger and will eventually evolve into a much better elite piece that plays by a more favorable set of rules.

Fire Emblem Kakusei Japan

Far too few people have played the Fire Emblem series. A darling of the hardcore strategy RPG crowd and one of the shining gems of the genre – the biggest hurdle the franchise has faced in terms of reaching a broader audience has largely been due to its niche nature and brutal difficulty. But with Fire Emblem Kakusei, that velvet curtain has been pulled back, and the series has finally come into its own as something gamers of all proficiencies and backgrounds can enjoy. The folks at Intelligent Systems have created a remarkably accessible Fire Emblem experience, and they did it without sacrificing the intensity that FE loyalists hold near and dear. Boasting both the depth and nuance that tactical RPG fans crave and the ease-of-use and fluid tutorial system that newcomers require, Awakening is the ultimate portable strategy RPG, and the new crowning jewel of the Nintendo 3DS’s fledgling library.


Release Date : April 19, 2012
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Intelligent Systems
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.22GB


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