Fast & Furious Showdown [ 3DS ROMS ]

Fast & Furious Showdown

Fast & Furious Showdown

Fast & Furious Showdown

Once again, Activision has demonstrated very little faith in its handheld offerings, pushing out Fast & Furious: Showdown with very little fanfare. You’d be forgiven for assuming that this stealth launch is an attempt to slip the game past the critics and straight into the waiting arms of the fans, but that wouldn’t be entirely fair. While it’s not perfect, Fast & Furious Showdown is enjoyable enough at its core.
If it weren’t so marred by frustrating flaws this would be a lovely racer. As it stands, it deserves only a very qualified recommendation if that.

Fast & Furious Showdown

There are dozens of levels to beat, and beating them is genuinely tricky. Just a couple of mistakes per race, shoot-out, hijack, or whatever will see you restarting the mission. Occasionally your AI partner will spoil your event by failing to drive or shoot properly, but this can usually be rectified by jumping into their bodies with a press of a button. Once you’ve exhausted the Story mode, there’s a Challenge mode in which to build up more victories and unlock further content through the experience system. These goodies aren’t very exciting – mainly more mods for vehicles, concept art, and movie stills – but it’s a decent rate of unlocks, and just enough incentive to continue. The handling of the cars is responsive, and though it veers towards arcade racing with its action, the vehicles do feel weighty. Boosting is a little ineffective, which is a pity, as this removes the motivation to build it up by weaving through traffic, drifting, drafting, or driving the wrong way up a freeway. Fast & Furious Showdown is a decent game if you ignore everything but the racing, and with a little more time in the shop it could have really shone. It’s just a pity that its bodywork is so rusted and faulty that its failings detract from the driving experience.


Release Date : May 21, 2013
Publisher : Activision
Developer : Firebrand Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 418MB


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