F-Zero 3DS

F-Zero 3DS

F-Zero 3DS

F-Zero 3DS

Speed into the future with the first installment to the F-Zero 3DS series. Operated by their own designated racer, including the celebrated Captain Falcon, pick one of four proton-powered hover cars—each with its own acceleration curve and design modifications. Strategy will play a big part in this speed fest as you race across 15 courses filled with challenges and pitfalls. Find shortcuts, elude hazards, and snag power-ups if you want to beat the competition. Keep an eye out for sand, land mines, magnets, and other trouble spots, but always be ready for that boost from a speed or jump plate to get ahead. You’ll need split-second reflexes to control these speed machines of tomorrow, so get ready for an experience that’s out of this world!

F-Zero 3DS

A launch title for the SNES, F-Zero 3DS is a game that showed off the system’s Mode 7 visuals, provided great racing action and is now available for New Nintendo 3DS; now you can enjoy the high-speed thrills at home, in the park or in the bathroom. There’s a lot of love for the futuristic racing series, but not from Nintendo; even the most “recent” entry (the Japan-only F-Zero: Climax) sits firmly in the retro section of game stores. Whilst we wait impatiently for the next instalment, here’s another chance to go back and see where it all began. Although looking a little plain and basic in places, and there’s a horde of identical-looking backmarkers, the colourful visuals hold up well and the action is easy to follow on the smaller screen of the New 3DS. One thing it does well is provide a sense of speed as scenery whizzes past and you find yourself hurtling towards a corner or an awkwardly positioned rival. Sound effects greatly enhance the experience with the whine of the vehicles, and the electrical crackle as you slide along the barriers working particularly well. Of course the real audio treat is the fantastic music; the Mute City track is the one that sticks in people’s heads, but the exciting Big Blue track, the sinister Death Wind and the intense-sounding Fire Field ones are amongst the highlights. Make sure to take headphones on your travels; this is one soundtrack you don’t want to miss out on.


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