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Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis

Ever Oasis

A daring new adventure that expands on everything RPG fans love about the genre. As a chosen Seedling, your mission is to build a prosperous Ever Oasis by working with your partner, lsuna. Meet and ally with members of other tribes to complete your mission, while battling against the Chaos threatening peace in the desert. Battle enemies in real-time combat as you switch between three party members and explore a savage desert. Forage for materials in caves and puzzle-filled dungeons to earn dewadems, which are used to grow new shops and even grow gear. There’s a curiously old-fashioned feel to Ever Oasis though perhaps not so curious when you realise it’s been made by Grezzo, the studio hitherto best known for its 3DS remakes of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, and led by Secret of Mana director Koichi Ishii. Like those games, its origins seem to lie in a bygone era: in this instance, it’s as if some lost N64 game has somehow been revived, with all that implies. By turns awkward and beguiling, it compensates for its shortcomings with lashings of character and charm.

Ever Oasis

Beyond the gates of the oasis, you’ll find creatures beetles, cobras, sand rats driven hostile by the blight. They’re relatively easily dispatched, and will drop items that can be used to restock booths. Tethu can head out alone, or form a party of three; either way, their meagre health gauges are boosted significantly by the oasis itself. When it’s doing well and when more guests have made it their home you’ll benefit from more HP. Ever Oasis  You’ll want to keep it topped up, then, which means making sure all residents are happy by keeping stores well stocked and uprooting the sporadically-appearing chaos weeds that put everyone in a gloomy mood. There’s a constant sense of being kept pleasantly busy; of having slightly too much to do at any given time but in a good way. Unless you’re willfully ignoring people, you’ll usually have two side quests pending beyond the mission that advances the story, with a couple of bits of gossip from current residents to tempt you away from the critical path as you seek out potential new settlers. In turn, they’ll probably ask a favour, which sends you somewhere else. And if you’re in a hurry, you’ll find plenty of conveniently placed warp spots to cut down on journey time. Just about every time you return to base, you’ll find you’ve achieved more than you set out to, your pockets stuffed with materials to keep store owners sweet.


Release Date : June 23, 2017
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Grezzo
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 402MB


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