Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3DS

Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3DS

The game features the character customization and character class system from the Etrian Odyssey series, and the dungeon crawling from the Etrian Mystery Dungeon 3ds series; the player’s party, which is made up of custom-made characters, ventures into randomly generated multi-floor dungeons, with the objective to reach the end of each dungeon. Only the party leader is directly controlled by the player, while the other characters follow along, attacking enemies and providing support. The game is turn-based; each time the player performs an action, including moving one space on the map, attacking, or using an item, enemies will also move or attack. When the player’s party is not engaged in combat, each turn the party makes will make the characters’ health regenerate a little, but will also make their hunger go up.

Etrian Mystery Dungeon

There are various classes to choose from during character creation, which determine the characters’ roles in the party: for instance, the Protector class has a high defense stat and is capable of attracting the attention from enemies who might otherwise attack the other characters, the Medic class is capable of healing or reviving wounded characters, and the Gunner class specializes in ranged attacks and is capable of “binding” enemies’ body parts, thereby hindering them from moving or attacking.If the player gets a game over, their party is sent back to the town outside the dungeons; additionally, the player loses all their in-game money and items. However, if the player has set up a manned fortress in the dungeon, they can attempt to lead the characters from the fortress to the fallen party, and attempt to rescue them. Some enemies, referred to as D.O.E.s, are much stronger than normal enemies, and will attempt to escape the dungeon and attack the town outside. If they succeed, the player will get a game over, and certain facilities in the town will be destroyed and rendered unusable by the player for some time; it is up to the player to protect the town by fighting these enemies. When doing so, the player may set up various kinds of fortresses, some of which will buff the party’s stats. These fortresses can either be left empty, or be manned by the player’s characters. Even empty fortresses can be used as a way of protecting the town from D.O.E.s; if the D.O.E. manages to destroy a fortress, it will stop its attempt at reaching the town, and return to the bottom floor of the dungeon.


Release Date : April 7, 2015
Publisher : Atlus
Developer :
Region :
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RAR File Size : 567MB







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