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Ethan Meteor Hunter

Ethan Meteor Hunter

Ethan Meteor Hunter

A physic-based puzzle-platformer from Seaven Studio that originally released on PlayStation 3 last October. Ethan Meteor Hunter The game starts with a cutscene that shows Ethan fighting with a fellow rodent when he is hit by a meteor. This collision leaves Ethan with time-stopping, telekinetic powers. Ethan then sets out to collect all the meteor parts that are scattered throughout the game, whilst chasing down the rodent that destroyed his house. That is the main story of the game, and all of this is explained to you before you start playing. During play there are no cutscenes to add to the story which allows for you to focus all your much needed attention on the gameplay itself. Ethan: Meteor Hunter combines 2D platforming with telekinetic puzzles. These puzzles are dotted throughout the games 50+ levels, and require you to collect pause tokens to activate them. The puzzles vary from easy to extremely challenging, causing moments of frustration at times when trying to progress through a level only to get stuck on a seemingly impossible puzzle.

Ethan Meteor Hunter

In addition to the traditional hop-happy gameplay, the hairy hero can also slide down slopes to pick up momentum ahead of pits of death, and utilise his Ethan Meteor Hunter telekinesis powers. Unfortunately, this isn’t a limitless ability, and is instead restricted to the use of items found in the level. When you’re properly equipped, this allows you to stop time and manipulate objects such as blocks, culminating in a range of slider-esque puzzles and more. The finite use of this feature forces you to think wisely about what you’re going to do, as once the objects have been moved and alterations to the level confirmed, you can’t move anything unless you’ve picked up another item. Thankfully, should you make a wrong move, you can hold circle at any time to respawn at the nearest checkpoint, which resets any changes made to the stage, allowing you to try again. However, while it’s an interesting idea, it prompts many of the title’s primary problems.


Release Date : April 15, 2014
Publisher : Seaseven Studio
Developer : Seaseven Studio
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 331MB


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