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Taking advantage of the Nintendo 3DS, DualPenSportss brings a unique twist to handheld sports games with its dual stylus gameplay and 3D visuals. The game offers 7 exciting sports mini-games, including Soccer, Boxing, and Archery. Furthermore, DualPenSports includes two training modes, Daily Challenge and Touch Exercise Mode, dedicated to improving players’ DS stylus coordination. Daily Challenge Mode offers a different sports challenge mini-game everyday to train your dual hand dexterity. Touch Exercise Mode enables players to hone their stylus skills with a series of unique mini-games separate from the traditional roster. DualPenSports also features a robust character customization mode enabling the player to personalize their in-game characters’ clothing, expressions, and overall appearance. Sporting a variety of modes, mini-games and a local wireless multiplayer versus mode, DualPenSports is chock full of family-friendly gameplay.


Baseball, soccer, basketball, boxing, archery, skiing and paragliding are on the menu, so it would appear that you’re getting seven sports, hopefully with some interesting control scheme to validate the whole dual pen thing. But you’re not almost half of the activities only feature a small part of the game. Baseball has you bat and try to hit home runs, soccer sees you kicking penalty goals and basketball comprises attempting baskets from a standstill position at different spots around the court. They feel like shallow excerpts from bigger titles collected here to make a game in and of themselves. It’s not all bad, just very limited. Generally, sports are divided between setting up with the left hand and making your shot with the right. Baseball tests your timing: you ready the bat by swiping down with your left hand and swinging with the right, doing so at the correct moment for better results. In soccer, step backwards with the left hand to adjust the angle and kick with the right to set the ball’s trajectory, again at the perfect moment, trying to get the ball past the goalie. Basketball has you catch a ball that’s passed to you by tapping with your left, then swiping upwards with your right to adjust your speed and jump distance. For archery you pull back with the left hand, then aim and shoot your arrow with the right, swiping with enough speed to combat the wind and hit a bull’s-eye.


Release Date : June 21, 2011
Publisher : Bandai Namco Games
Developer : Indies Zero
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 83MB


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