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Driver Renegade 3D

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Driver Renegade 3D

Jump back behind the wheel! Driver Renegade 3D is an action-packed driving game made exclusively for Nintendo 3DS that lets you experience the intensity and brutality of urban car chases in 3D. Drive recklessly, perform jumps to fill your Rage bar and unleash devastating take downs on your enemy cars. After years of undercover work on the Force, John Tanner wants to take matters of crime in his own hands, regardless of what the Law dictates. In a corrupt New York City run by criminal mobs, Tanner saves Senator Ballard’s life. He needs help in leading a crusade against Crime. Tanner accepts to clean the city off the record, against the Senator’s protection. Tanner becomes a renegade and must take out five kingpins: a drug dealer, a human-organs trafficker, a pimp, an arms dealer and an over-greedy trader. Helped by his few friends, with no badge to hold him back, Tanner wages his war against crime with his weapon of choice: his car.

Driver Renegade 3D

Driving and racing games have, so far, been relatively well represented on the 3DS in its early lifespan, with Ridge Racer 3D and Asphalt 3D competing for the affections of driving fans. Ubisoft has now joined in with Driver Renegade 3D, an exclusive title in the franchise for the handheld. Does it provide a high-octane adrenaline rush, or crash off the road? To avoid any confusion, it should be clarified that this title is entirely different from the home console entries in the Driver canon, with an exclusive storyline and setting taking place in New York. The plot revolves around John Tanner, a regular protagonist in the franchise, who has become embittered and left the NYPD. A chance meeting with the city’s Senator, Andrew Ballard, gives Tanner an opportunity to pursue the crime lords of the city without pesky restrictions such as law and order.


Release Date : September 6, 2011
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 470MB


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