Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA

Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA

Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA

Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA

Driving and racing games have, so far, been relatively well represented on the 3DS in its early lifespan, with Ridge Racer 3D and Asphalt 3D competing for the affections of driving fans. Ubisoft has now joined in with Driver Renegade 3D, an exclusive title in the franchise for the handheld. Does it provide a high-octane adrenaline rush, or crash off the road. To avoid any confusion, it should be clarified that this title is entirely different from the home console entries in the Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA canon, with an exclusive storyline and setting taking place in New York. The plot revolves around John Tanner, a regular protagonist in the franchise, who has become embittered and left the NYPD. A chance meeting with the city’s Senator, Andrew Ballard, gives Tanner an opportunity to pursue the crime lords of the city without pesky restrictions such as law and order.

Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA

All of this takes place in the title’s Story Mode, with 20 missions to complete, each with cinematics to progress the storyline. Driver Renegade 3D 3DS CIA The plot itself is presented well in stylish still scenes, but the writing at the core of the story is average, with predictable twists and turns that many gamers will see coming. The cast of characters also seems to have been constructed ‘by the numbers’: the mysterious combat veteran, cold-hearted arms dealer and the hooker with a heart of gold are a few examples. Tanner himself is a complete jerk: a psychopathic killer on steroids, he spends most the story killing and destroying with impunity. He’s also incapable of completing a sentence without swearing, which is tiring rather than ‘edgy’. Dialogue as a whole can be a bit cringeworthy, but the overall storyline just about gets the job done, albeit without any finesse. If you ignore the story and take the welcome opportunity to switch off Tanner’s in-game dialogue, then you have a mixed gameplay experience. On the positive side, the controls and handling of vehicles is excellent, on the strict understanding that this is an arcade-driving experience. Combining a solid frame rate with comfortable controls, the driving experience is enjoyable: the Circle Pad is perfect for steering, while all four face buttons are used to accelerate, use the brake or handbrake and activate Tanner’s ‘rage’, which acts as a turbo boost and increases the destructive power of your car. The shoulder buttons act as ‘car attacks’, ramming your car into an enemy on either side.


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