Dreamworks Super Star Kartz [ 3DS CIA ]

Dreamworks Super Star Kartz

Dreamworks Super Star Kartz

Dreamworks Super Star Kartz

Brings together everyone’s favorite DreamWorks Animation characters and locations as they compete in some of the zaniest racing challenges ever. Dreamworks Super Star Kartz Playing as famous faces from Shrek, Madagascar, How To Train Your Dragon and Monsters Vs. Aliens, gamers compete to be the first to cross the finish line. Speed, jump, power-up and boost through wacky, wild and wondrous kart courses. Amazing stunts, awesome tricks and unique weaponry lets players outrace and outwit their opponents all while enjoying hilarious commentary by King Julien, the game’s announcer.

Dreamworks Super Star Kartz

Super Star Kartz features a host of characters from various Dreamworks Super Star Kartz properties including Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon, with King Julien from the Madagascarmovies being the host of the races. Aside from the playable characters you can unlock from each of these properties, characters like Pinocchio and Gloria make appearances in the respective film-centered levels. The premise of a themed kart racer has been explored time and time again with varying degrees of success. Still, you don’t really need much in the way of preliminaries to get things going. Just get a good cast of characters together, mix in some good tracks for good measure and you’ll be more or less set. What does involve more effort, though, is making sure the game turns out to be more than just a Mario Kart knock-off and is able to hold its own. Let me tell you, I was in for a shock when I pried this game open. As with any standard kart racer, you have three main classes that make up the Circuit Mode, with an unlockable Mirror Mode for added challenge. Quick Race allows you to select one of the 12 tracks you’ve already unlocked with a simple competition in mind, while Time Trial will apply more goal-oriented principles to the mix. Lastly, six different kinds of missions await you in Challenge mode, including Pure Races where you need to win without the use of items, or duel-based Superstar Races where you face more challenging rivals.


Release Date : November 15, 2011
Publisher : Activision
Developer : Activision
Region : USA | FREE
File Type : 3DS CIA
RAR File Size : 331MB





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