Dragon’s Crown PSVITA VPK

Dragon's Crown PSVITA VPK

Dragon’s Crown PSVITA VPK

Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer hack-and-slash beat’em up game with breathtaking visual style, a design built around cooperative play, epic boss fights, and the ability to discover a new adventure in every play session. Developer Vanillaware deftly marries stunning hand-drawn and animated art work with deep, action-packed hardcore gameplay. Dragon’s Crown allows up to four players to team up locally or online to clear out monster-ridden dungeons, discover precious treasure, and destroy awe-inspiring bosses. Its unique, highly replayable design means that every time players can boot up and log on, they can expect a different experience. Unparalleled in their unique style, Vanillaware painstakingly hand-paints every detail, be it a blade of grass or the scales on the game’s impressive dragons. The game becomes a lush, vibrant storybook come to life when everything starts to animate in gorgeous full HD. The game is set primarily in the Kingdom of Hydeland, in the same fantasy world of GrimGrimoire and Odin Sphere, taking place within a different timeframe and location of the world. The game’s world possesses vast labyrinths and catacombs that lay beneath the civilization, and fantastical monsters that stalk the darkest and most desolate forests. The plot revolves around a legendary relic, the titular Dragon’s Crown, and the quest to retrieve it. A mysterious coven of magic-users with influence in even the highest levels of government seek the treasure and have used their sorcery to link long-forgotten ruins, dangerous labyrinths, and many other areas together in order to search for it. Players must take up the role of one of six adventurers charged with retrieving the crown before those who would use it for their own sinister purpose, as well as search for treasure and riches of their own.


Release Date : July 25, 2013
Publisher : Nicalis
Developer : Atlus, Nippon Ichi Software
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 923MB







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