Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Provides players the ability to build a variety of unique tools from materials you gather, and rebuild towns and cities to restore life to the shattered world of Alefgard. Players will battle with famous monsters from the Dragon Quest series and interact with gorgeously-designed 3D characters. The immersive Dragon Quest story and world to explore, combined with the freedom of sandbox gameplay, provides a new and exciting family-friendly experience, with an intuitive control system, that will have you building the towers and castles of your dreams in no time! Gameplay in Dragon Quest Builders offers sandbox exploration/experimentation combined with an immersive story and allows players to interact with a host of iconic characters and monsters. Players can let their imagination run wild to create an infinite variety of structures, in response to extravagant requests from citizens eager to find new homes. With an easy-to-learn and quick-to-master control system, Dragon Quest Builders will have builders of all skill levels creating masterpieces in no time. Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK

Like so many before it, the Dragon Quest Builders PSVITA VPK series has taken a detour into the realm of Minecraft-style collecting and crafting – no points are given if you predicted that turn of events. Mucho points, however, if you called that it would execute the premise so seamlessly, and embrace its own signature traits while delivering a single-player RPG adventure that alludes to the Dragon Quest classics. To be clear, unlike Minecraft and others in the building and crafting frame, this is a solo pursuit not a social enterprise. Ready to make a mark with my lightly personalized character I was immediately shocked to be told that I was not – repeat NOT – a hero. But the gameplay informed me differently, because right out of the gate the NPCs in this simplistic RPG tale knew I was special and treated me accordingly. Tragically, it wasn’t until way past character creation did I discover I was known to them as the “Builder” because I desperately wanted to go back and rename myself Bob.


Release Date : October 11, 2016
Publisher : Square Enix
Developer : Square Enix
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 226MB





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