Dragon Fin Soup [NoNpDrm] [ PSVITA VPK ]

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup

Among the numerous games seen at PAX Prime, Dragon Fin Soup was one of the most intriguing titles. Truly, my personal anticipation for this was extremely high. Learning at the last minute that this would be released on the Playstation Vita and 4 as a free Plus title seemed to have the makings of another Rocket League moment. This has had every opportunity to gain the word of mouth needed to create another sensation that would retain its popularity past the initial month of being free. Unfortunately, this title could have used more time in the pot.

Dragon Fin Soup

There are an huge amount of things going for this classic roguelike. Dragon Fin Soup First of all, it doesn’t pull its punches, even from the start. It truly is harder than a mysterious lump discovered on a tender part of the anatomy. Sticking with the tried and true method of “every thing takes a turn when the player does” will require players spoiled on the likes of Diablo and other off shoots of the genre to re-acclimate. Even the initial dream prologue will murder the protagonist dead if the player isn’t smart. Liberal use of potions, power ups and healing items are recommended. Once the player relearns how to play these games, the additional options open up in fun ways. An unaware monster might be sleeping contentedly. The player could drop a bomb and smack it over, sneak up and back stab it, or just cut a freaking tree down to land on its head. Using the environment is much more fun than attacking directly. It’s hard to get sick of luring enemies into traps, and compound their grief.


Release Date : November 03, 2015
Publisher : Grimm Bros
Developer : Grimm Bros
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 425MB


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