Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA

Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA

Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA

Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA

Nintendo seems to have been following a pattern with Dr. Mario in recent years. First, it releases a new title in the series for its current console which adds a new gameplay mechanic. Then, sometime later, it releases a new handheld entry, which plays it a bit more safe and doesn’t really do anything new. The classic Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA puzzle game play returns in this new game — now with with the addition of a game-changing new Miracle Cure item! This cure-all item activates a variety of capsule- and virus-eradicating powers. .

Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA

In case you’ve never played a Dr. Mario game before, the concept is quite similar to Tetris and other falling block puzzlers. You’re presented with a screen dotted with a bunch of viruses, and Dr. Mario (or Dr. Luigi) will toss pills – each consisting of two segments – towards the top, which then slowly begin falling down. Your objective is to drop these on, next to or otherwise near these viruses in order to clear them out. Creating any horizontal or vertical line consisting of at least 4 pieces – of which at least one is a pill – will clear that line out and remove the viruses from the screen. However, if your screen fills up all the way to the top, it’s game over.  As mentioned, this is essentially a combination of two previously released games, featuring three different game modes. Naturally, the regular Dr Mario Miracle Cure 3DS CIA is one of them, which features the standard, classic rules. The other two are Germ Buster – also known as Virus Buster – from the WiiWare game, in which you hold the 3DS console in “book” orientation and use the touchscreen to drag and drop pills rather than moving them around with buttons, and Dr. Luigi, where pills are dropped two at a time in an L-shaped blister pack.


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