Don’t Starve Giant Edition [NoNpDrm] [ PSVITA VPK ]

Don’t Starve Giant Edition

Don't Starve Giant Edition

Don’t Starve Giant Edition

An uncompromising wilderness survival game full of science and magic. You play as Wilson, an intrepid Gentleman Scientist who has been trapped by a demon and transported to a mysterious wilderness world. Wilson must learn to exploit his environment and its inhabitants if he ever hopes to escape and find his way back home. Don’t Starve Giant Edition includes both the original Don’t Starve and the Reign of Giants Expansion, all portable for the first time as a PlayStation Vita release! All of the updates currently released on PC and PS4 are included in Don’t Starve: Giant Edition, including the multi-leveled caves update and the discoverable “Adventure Mode” that puts your survival skills to the test with multiple randomly-generated unique worlds as you try to escape your wild and strange prison.

Don’t Starve Giant Edition

The Reign of Giants Expansion expansion gives access to the original nine characters and two new additions. Play as Wigfrid, a stage actress who went a bit too far with method acting on her latest role, an ancient Valkyrie, or Webber, a young boy who lives inside the spider who tried to eat him long ago. The Reign of Giants expansion adds new seasonal challenges including the torrential rain falls of spring and the blistering heat of summer. You’ll also get new procedurally-generated biomes filled to the brim with new creatures and gatherables that will either help you survive or kill you. Oh, and Giants. Don’t Starve is an aptly titled game given that the sole objective is to avoid death by starvation, ensuring you’re not eaten alive by rabid dogs or stung to death by bees and trying to stop your character from losing the plot altogether, being eaten by shadow monsters if you go insane. It’s a tough world in Don’t Starve Giant Edition a game with an immensely challenging difficulty which gives you absolutely no direction as to how to proceed whatsoever, but it’s ultimately a challenge worth taking.


Release Date : September 2, 2014
Publisher : Klei Entertainment
Developer : Klei Entertainment
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 209MB






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