Disney Planes [ 3DS CIA ]

Disney Planes

Disney Planes

Disney Planes

From above the world of Cars, Disney Planes takes players on a high-flying, action-packed, fun-filled adventure with Dusty in this flying adventure video game inspired by the Disney animated comedy adventure film. Dusty is the big-hearted, speed-loving crop duster who will take to the skies in a storyline that picks up just after the film. Players can fly as various characters from the movie, including Dusty, Ishani, Echo and Bravo, as they embark on global missions, air races, and grand adventures around the world.

Disney Planes

Taking control of Dusty the once famous aerial racer-firefighting plane, you serve to prevent the forest fires that threaten the Piston National Park on a daily basis; Dusty’s training at the Piston Park is necessary for him to qualify as a fully certified firefighter. Disney Planes Due to the lack of a story mode, you are dropped straight into the training missions without any back story or explanation. Training missions can be ignored in favour of diving straight into the regular fire & rescue missions, but with thirty of the game’s stages being training and academy missions and only twelve being unique Fire & Rescue story missions, you’ll be avoiding a huge portion of the content in doing so. The rather generous number of levels may seem satisfactory at first, but after playing four or five of the missions the lack of variety becomes obvious. Putting out forest fires, guiding stranded camper vans and airlifting stranded hikers to safety soon becomes repetitive, as one mission soon blurs into another. The real challenge lies in how quickly each mission can be completed. Each completed level is ranked with either a bronze, silver or gold medal, depending on your total clear time. Despite the levels being easy enough to finish, the repetition of each one offers no real incentive to replay, especially as the sole rewards come in the form of unlockable movie stills. At times, simply finishing the stage and being able to shut off the system for a breather is a reward in itself.


Release Date : August 6, 2013
Publisher : Disney Interactive Studios
Developer : Tose Software
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 133MB





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