Disney Pixar Cars 2 [ 3DS CIA ]

Disney Pixar Cars 2

Disney Pixar Cars 2

Disney Pixar Cars 2

Lightning McQueen, Mater the tow truck, Finn McMissile and others from the Cars universe navigate through adventures within CHROME (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage) in this intense racing adventure! Become an agent of CHROME and take on dangerous missions, or compete to become the fastest racecar in the world! The Nintendo 3DS version of Disney Pixar Cars 2 : The Video Game features stereoscopic 3D graphics for 3D just like the movie, plus StreetPass communication features that allow players to unlock and share new skins. Up to four players can race together in multiplayer action.

Disney Pixar Cars 2

Disney Pixar Cars 2 is a kart racer that takes more than a little inspiration from Mario Kart and is just as fun. But instead of turtle shells and banana peels, you’re using real weapons like machine guns and rocket launchers. You’re also doing more than racing in Cars 2. Different modes have you hunting down enemies in a vast arena, or competing in teams in a capture the flag-style set-up. With easy drop-in and drop-out local multiplayer for up to four players, Cars 2 should have many a family having fun together. But it’s really not just for families. If you can look past the kiddie license, you’ll find a racer that’s super easy to pick up and play, but a bit more complicated to master. Besides using weapons, you can also perform tricks in Cars 2 to build up your turbo boost meter. These tricks include in-air flips and spins, driving on two wheels, and driving backwards (with the controls reversed appropriately.)You can also forcefully side-swipe opponents to force them off the track. I had a blast racing against some of my fellow editors or blowing them to bits in the deathmatch-style arena mode.


Release Date : November 1, 2011
Publisher : Disney Interactive Studios
Developer : Disney Interactive Studios
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 140MB


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