Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge [ 3DS CIA ]

Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge

Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge

Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge

Only available on Nintendo 3DS, Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge lets players compete in their own Toy Box game board. Race, jump, climb or shoot test out your skills in over 50 mini-games! Take your Disney Infinity characters on the go, level them up, and compete in a wide variety of gameplay challenges.

Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge

The 3DS version of Disney Infinity does not feature Play Sets or a story mode of any kind, and it does not feature the free-for-all style of Toy Box. It does come with an Infinity Base, the same three Figures that come with the console version of the Starter Kit, and a Power Disc.  Disney Infinity Toy Box Challenge The figures are still brought into the game via the Infinity Base, and additional figures sold separately will work within the game. Very little info has been released about the 3DS version, but the ESRB website describes it as a “multiplayer party game” in which players move Disney/Pixar characters around various game boards to compete mini-game challenges. John Vignocchi of Avalanche software in a video with GiantBomb.com described the 3DS version as a Mario Party type of game. Mini-games include solving puzzles, racing, fighting, and collecting various items. Several mini-games depict characters shooting “cartoony” pistols, blasters, or cannonballs at ships or enemies/boss characters (e.g., droids, giant squid, pirates). A handful of mini-games require players to shoot other characters with projectiles, resulting in cries of pain and/or “dizzy-star” effects. One mini-game depicts a one-on-one battle with swords on a pirate ship.


Release Date : August 18, 2013
Publisher : Disney Interactive Studios
Developer : Altron
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 858MB




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