Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion [ 3DS Decrypted Roms ]

Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Paying tribute to the classic Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse, Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion focuses on the fabled Castle of Illusion, which has fallen into Wasteland, an alternate world filled with 80 years of forgotten Disney characters and theme park attractions and now forgotten video games. The evil witch Mizrabel finds herself an unwilling inhabitant of Wasteland, and unleashes a plot to escape using the Castle of Illusion to imprison and drain the cartoon essence from currently famous Toons. Players will take on the role of Mickey Mouse as he utilizes his magical brush to wield paint and thinner to confront Mizrabel and save the Toons. In this game, Reality is What You Paint of It. Disney Epic Mickey for 3DS offers a special drawing and painting function that allows players to create rough versions of objects that magically transform into classic Disney-style 2D illustrations. Utilizing the game’s unparalleled dual screen integration, players then move their creations to the top screen where they are further transformed into full-color, fully-rendered 3D visuals.

Disney Epic Mickey Power of Illusion

Some time after the first two games, Mickey is contacted once more by Oswald; he says that a strange castle has appeared in Wasteland and that he saw Minnie trapped inside. Mickey sneaks into Yen Sid’s study and takes the magic brush once more before jumping into the portal to Wasteland in his television. However, Minnie arrives shortly afterwards, looking for Mickey. Meeting up with Oswald, Mickey examines the castle, remembering it as the Castle of Illusion ruled by the evil witch Mizrabel. They end up trapped inside, deciding to split up. Mickey meets Jiminy Cricket, who acts as his guide through the castle. Mickey comes face to face with Mizrabel, who now looks like Maleficent, taunting him to try saving the characters she trapped. Mickey reaches a safe haven, which Jiminy calls the Fortress. Oswald arrives and explains that Mizrabel is draining the paint of popular characters, hoping to use their accumulated Heart Power to escape Wasteland. Mickey sets out to save the characters; however, Mizrabel impedes his path with her ghoulish army. When enough Heart Power is accumulated from rescuing characters, it breaks the witch’s illusions, revealing new areas of the castle. Mickey fights his way through the east hall, which Mizrabel’s illusionary magic has made look like London and Neverland. He comes across a copy of the Jolly Roger, where Captain Hook confronts him. Having been put under a spell by Mizrabel, Hook thinks Mickey is an enemy working for Peter Pan. However, Mickey defeats him and breaks the trance, sending Hook to the Fortress with the promise of not harming the other characters.


Release Date : November 18, 2012
Publisher : Disney Interactive Studios
Developer : DreamRift
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 249MB


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