Disgaea 5 Complete [SWITCH XCI]

Disgaea 5 Complete is a tough game to judge. On the positive side it offers an extraordinary volume of content, its own quirky approach to storytelling and a complex set of systems that complement each other well.Disgaea 5 Complete is weird, and we don’t mean that as an insensitive and boneheaded perspective on the representation of Japanese culture in games, but simply as a recognition that it’s peculiar on any level. The first loading screen we saw was a blue penguin doing a ballet-style pirouette. Unlike some other major strategy RPG IPs, however, it struggles to present its complexity in a cohesive way, with a user interface that groans under the weight of its goals. Fans of the game and series likely adore this hardcore approach, but some more familiar with strategy games that are more focused and precise in their execution may find it hard to fall in love with all of those layers of detail. There are so many terrific parts to the game, but they get somewhat jumbled together.
For Disgaea fans this game is worth a purchase, especially as it includes all DLC from the original and plays beautifully on the go. For strategy RPG fans we still give it a hearty recommendation, but with the proviso that it’s more demanding and tougher to master than many of its genre contemporaries. If you’re up for the challenge and time investment, and can tolerate its zany characters and settings, then it’s well worth adding to your Nintendo Switch collection.


Release Date : 23rd May 2017
Publisher :  NIS America
Developer :  Nippon Ichi
Genre: RPG
Region : JPN
File Type :
File Size : 6.6 GB


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