Deca Sports Extreme [ 3DS CIA ]

Deca Sports Extreme

Deca Sports Extreme

Deca Sports Extreme

When we first played Wii Sports back in 2006, it woke us up to the potential of sports compilations to provide simple yet rich entertainment. When it was at its best, it boiled down a game to its essence, then refined that to make something truly special. Since then, countless titles have attempted to reproduce the formula, and the Deca Sports series is one that’s tried time and time again but never accomplished anything above a mediocre product. Now we’re faced with the newest iteration, Deca Sports Extreme. After five swing-and-misses, can this entry finally get it right?

Deca Sports Extreme

Not all of the sports are handled quite so well, however, though there are still some selections that come off decently. Deca Sports Extreme A video tutorial precedes each, and none are difficult to grasp control-wise, though a few will give you some pause at first. Basketball is a simple three on three affair, though without a run button it’s a slow-paced one at that. Soccer (or football, for all you Sports Island residents) is another three-on-three scrimmage, but we found the rhythm of play here quite odd stealing, shooting and having the ball stolen from you all pause the player’s motion and feel somewhat jarring. Tennis works fairly well with little technique and few frills, though you can play either singles or doubles matches. You control all of these using the buttons exclusively. Bowling is another simplified selection that can provide some fun, and it’s pointer controlled, having you pull back and flick the stylus to aim and charge your shot, and you can curve the path to pull off spin moves as well. Another option that utilities both the pen and the Circle Pad is three on three Ice Hockey, which has you flick to pass, and hold, then flick to shoot. Having to pause your motion to do this is cumbersome to get the hang of, but once you’re there it provides another decent but simple take on the sport.


Release Date : September 13, 2011
Publisher : Hudson Soft
Developer : Hudson Soft
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 740MB




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