Dead Nation PSVITA VPK

Dead Nation PSVITA VPK

Dead Nation PSVITA VPK

Dead Nation PSVITA VPK

Thrust into a zombie-filled post-apocalyptic world, your task in Dead Nation is simple: survive another day. Survival requires you to work your way through an urban sprawl littered with the undead. With powerful weapons at your disposal — think assault rifles, flamethrowers, and grenades — you can get creative with how you kill your foes. Shoot them in the head with a powered-up rifle shot. Blast a nearby car to make its alarm go off, drawing their attention, allowing you to pick them off unawares. Throw a flare and watch them gather around it, then unleash a shot from your blade cannon, slicing them all in half. The possibilities are many. Dead Nation PSVITA VPK .

Dead Nation PSVITA VPK

Dead Nation PSVITA VPK does a wonderful job of playing with your emotions, flooding your screen with myriad enemies only to return glimmers of hope with access to plenty of firepower. Its beautiful lighting and use of shadows tend to make things even scarier by regularly obscuring your view while cleverly hiding nearby enemies. You may clear a street and backtrack to explore, only to walk past a decrepit 18-wheeler, where you find yourself assailed by a new wave of enemies. All may be quiet following a 5 minute-long firefight, but then you find out that it was just the first of four waves of enemies in that area. Dead Nation isn’t only about shredding the undead; it’s about surviving the seemingly impossible. This very setup makes getting through each subsequent stage, whether on your own or with a friend, ever more satisfying. Making matters more dire, not all of the zombies you have to deal with are slow and dumb. Some of them run. Others take tons of damage to fell. And then there are the massive foes that can kill you in only one or two hits, enemies that can jump on top of you from across the screen, hulking zombies that can slice you in half with their sharpened arms, smaller, pesky zombies that can scream to call endless amounts of backup, and others that can shoot green liquid that stays on the ground, giving you nasty chemical burns. There’s real diversity when it comes to Dead Nation’s roster of enemies, and the further you get into the campaign, the more unexpected and dangerous the combination of zombies become. You’ll often find that killing these stronger enemies is paramount, even if you’re taking damage from the cannon fodder around you.


Release Date : April 16 2014
Publisher :SCEA
Developer : Housemarque
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 424MB





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