Cut the Rope Triple Treat [ 3DS ROMS ]

Cut the Rope Triple Treat

Cut the Rope Triple Treat

Cut the Rope Triple Treat

Compiles three standalone adventures, bursting with over 650 levels for more than 50 hours of gameplay, as well as the precision control interface of the Nintendo 3DS stylus, online leaderboards, in-game achievements, stereoscopic 3D visuals during gameplay and cheerfully animated Om Nom Stories. The Cut the Rope franchise may have risen to fame through its release on the Apple App Store, but it has also had a pretty prominent history on Nintendo’s most recent handheld systems, too. The first game in the series was originally ported to DSiWare back in 2011, before returning again on the 3DS eShop last year. However, sensing that this wasn’t enough, developer Zeptolab has now enlisted the help of global publishing powerhouse Activision to distribute a physical retail version, Cut the Rope Triple Treat. Is this the definitive version, designed to rope you in, or a cheap cash-in from which you should cut all ties?

Cut the Rope Triple Treat

Cut the Rope’s success boils down to its impeccable level design. Cut the Rope Triple Treat Objects are cleverly placed so as to provide both a passable and perfect solution. The latter involves you having to collect three gold stars mid candy transit, often forcing you to look beyond the most obvious A to B route. It’s the sort of gameplay concept that will very much appeal to completionists, and with three separate games to play through it’ll also take some time to achieve 100% completion. The difference between each of the included instalments is minimal, although the subtle changes do build upon the already impressive gameplay mechanics. In particular, Cut the Rope: Time Travel throws an extra Om Nom into the mix, meaning that you have to move multiple candies at the same time. Here, precision and timing are more key than ever, and as a result it’s worth leaving this one until after you’ve finished the others to maintain your interest through the hundreds of other stages available. To top it all off, there are online leaderboards and achievements for each game, features which will no doubt fan the competitive flames within some players and potentially keep them playing for longer.


Release Date : March 25, 2014
Publisher : Activision
Developer : ZeptoLab
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 240MB


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