Cubic Ninja

Cubic Ninja

Cubic Ninja

Cubic Ninja is a puzzle-based platforming game, in which the player manipulates CC, a ninja cube, through various levels, whilst avoiding enemies and traps contained within. The game is controlled primarily using the 3DS’s gyroscope, requiring the player to tilt the console in the direction they want CC to move. The game can also be set to use the circle pad instead. Using power-ups collected from scrolls, CC can shrink, gain a shield, throw shuriken at enemies, and unlock all of the doors in a level. The game contains 100 levels, including several boss battles. Players can unlock different characters, such as cubes made of rubber and titanium, that exhibit different properties when used. Cubic Ninja also features survival and time trial modes, along with a level editor; levels can be shared with others via QR codes. Cubic Ninja received mixed reviews from critics; both GameSpot and IGN gave the game a 5.5 out of 10. Describing Cubic Ninja as “one of those frustrating games that is almost really cool, but never quite delivers”, IGN praised Cubic Ninja for its “fun and creative” gameplay, but the gyroscope controls were criticized for not being sensitive enough, while the circle pad control scheme was considered “wonky”. Additionally, Cubic Ninja was panned for not containing enough content to justify being a full-price game, considering it to be “an experience that feels like it just as easily could have been a $5 iPhone game”. GameSpot shared similar criticism, noting that whilst providing “undeniable joy in winding your way through a particularly nasty stretch unscathed”, the level designs of Cubic Ninja—especially on harder levels and boss fights, combined with its “carefree” controls, relied too heavily on unforeseen threats and were too frustrating. The presence of multiple characters and a level editor were praised for adding additional replay value to the game. Pocket Gamer was similarly critical of the game’s level design, which made the game “very awkward indeed and completely counterintuitive”; most of the game’s power-ups were also criticized for being “pointless”. However, the overall visual appearance of Cubic Ninja was praised for “[feeling] like a great deal of care and attention was put into making the game look as slick as possible.


Release Date : April 7, 2011
Publisher : Ubisoft, AQ Interactive
Developer :
AQ Interactive
Region :
File Type :
RAR File Size : 88MB







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