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Set within a 3D world, players use the game’s unique crush mechanic to “crush” the environment and transform it into a more simplified 2D platformer. Once flattened, players utilize the 2D space to move to new areas to solve otherwise impossible challenges, and unlock secret items that were previously unobtainable in the 3D environment. Players then “uncrush” the 2D environment and return to the 3D world. The original Crush on PSP was a commercial failure, despite very positive reviews and praise for its ingenious concept. Developer Zoë Mode’s returned for a second attempt with CRUSH3D, out now in Europe and heading Stateside in February.


CRUSH3D ‘s central concept is simple: its 3D stages can be “crushed” to become two dimensional. Can’t reach the platform in the background? Flatten the stage and it lands next to you. Need to get higher? Crush from top-down and the newly flattened landscape becomes a cinch to walk across. The aim of each stage is to collect at least half the marbles — which hero Danny has lost, of course and head to the exit. It’s all easier said than done of course, but is explained through a straightforward tutorial that gets you up to speed in no time. Once you’ve got the basics down, CRUSH introduces new layers: “ghost” blocks disappear when crushed, switches must be stood on and giant boulders pushed into place. It doesn’t sound vastly original, but it’s the way things are put together that holds your attention: having five points of view and two dimensions keeps puzzles concise, with new rules introduced along the way.


Release Date : March 9, 2012
Publisher : SEGA
Developer : Zoe Mode
Region : USA
File Type :
3DS Roms
RAR File Size : 354MB


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