Crash of the Titans [ Wii ISO ]

Crash of the Titans

Crash of the Titans

Crash of the Titans

In a nefarious plot to unleash destruction, Crash Bandicoot ‘s arch-nemeses, Neo and Nina Cortex, have mutated the creatures of Crash’s island into monstrous abominations! Never one to shirk from danger, our orange furry friend finds that with his potent mix of wacky bravado and daredevil action he is able to hijack the titanic monsters and wield their immense powers against each other! Bring on the titans, because with Crash of the Titans in charge, the bigger the baddie, the better!

Crash of the Titans

First of all, let’s talk graphics. Sporting a brand new art design that’s probably aimed at younger kids who’ve never heard of Crash before, Crash of the Titans is not a bad looking game in the least. All versions have pretty sharp character models that are well animated: the Wii version isn’t as crisp as the 360 version, but it still looks quite nice. The backgrounds have a clean, cartoon y look to them (almost like a pop-up storybook), but some muddy textures drag them down. It’s somewhat weird: the backgrounds are pretty varied, but there’s still a blandness to them. There’s usually some impressive focal point to the level (like a big temple in the background that keeps getting closer as you progress), but the roads to these set pieces are pretty boring. There’s also some screen tearing and a few frame rate issues, but nothing too bad. The graphics get the job done and the entire game looks like a Saturday morning cartoon. That’s sure to please the kiddies. In terms of presentation, the kooky humor of Crash and his gang is still there. The smaller minions actually say some pretty funny, if not dated, things (yay for Chuck Norris and l33t jokes & Array; I guess). The main story doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not, but at the same time you get the feeling that the writers are trying a wee bit too hard. Especially when one level is called “Don’t Eat the Yellow Brick Load.” Yeesh.


Release Date : October 2, 2007
Publisher : Sierra
Developer : Radical Entertainment
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.98GB


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