Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D

Pushes the thrill of battling giants to bigger heights by immersing the player in an immersive 3D cataclysmic Jurassic world! Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D Players will discover new exclusive combat features and impressive environments. They will enjoy roaming breathtaking environments and have a great time customizing, controlling, and battling giant dinosaurs! Show your mastery in defeating your enemies during real-time combat sessions and unite forces to restore peace on the ancient land.

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D

There’s this really evil dinosaur dictator called the Arkosaurus, see, who broke free of its imprisonment and is bent on taking over the planet, killing off pretty much every lizard in its path. Four hero dinosaurs from differing families must step up to stop him, and that’s where you come in. Combat of Giants Dinosaurs 3D Dinosaurs 3D takes the combat of Punch-Out!!, simplifies it and surrounds it with extremely linear “exploration” periods that mostly amount to walking forward to your next bout, collecting bones and equipment upgrades, while yelling at smaller animals along the way. Battles are highly telegraphed, with enemies flashing red right before they attack and giving you time to figure out which direction their attack will strike so you can dodge and pounce accordingly. Occasionally they flash blue, and if you sock one in that state you’ll get a special Dino Strike to unleash some Dino Pain. There’s also a finite area element to battles, and each successful blow will knock the knocked dinosaur back — making ring-outs an entirely viable factor in victory or defeat.


Release Date : March 27, 2011
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft Quebec City
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 356MB





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