Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

There, on the blue star, is everything you desire. On the floating continent high in the sky, you can find New Paleo. Explorers from all across the land flock to this hub city, seeking to fulfill their dreams and desires. But this is but a brief stop before their journey to their true destination, the azure planet of Marble Blue. Unexplored lands, hidden treasures, monsters, legends … everything an adventurer could want could be found on this one planet. Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool

Chaos Rings III PSVITA MaiDumpTool is part of Square Enix’s acclaimed RPG series, developed by Media.Vision. Worlds yet undiscovered, treasures that fulfill your wildest dreams, mythologies lost in the pages of history — a great journey, the dream of a thousand years, is about to begin. For the PlayStation Vita release, Square Enix helps to prepare gamers for the new chapter by bringing together all three of the past games as well — Chaos Rings III Prequel Trilogy comes complete with Chaos Rings, Chaos Rings Omega, Chaos Rings II, and Chaos Rings III. Chaos Rings 3 is hauling a lot of baggage with it. It carries the hopes of a series that seems to be hanging on by a thread, the expectations of a fanbase who were heavily engaged by the storytelling chops of the series to date, and potentially the future of original, premium mobile RPGs from Square Enix. Like the protagonists of the previous games, it’s a creation pulled out of its context, struggling to find relevance in a changed world that offers little mercy. The entire game feels like it was heading down a particular path only to get yanked in an entirely different direction just before it was finished. This whole situation likely explains why this game has a lot of cruft and loose ends hanging from it. It feels like they threw in everything, the kitchen sink, and the whole housewares department while they were at it. As a result, I think this game has a little something for everyone, but few people are going to indulge in everything. It’s just the sort of messy RPG that Square Enix used to fill our bellies with on a regular basis when they weren’t quite so risk-averse, and I personally love it for that.


Release Date : January 8, 2013
Publisher : Square Enix
Developer : Media.Vision, Bullets
Region : USA
File Type :
PSVITA [ MaiDumpTool V233.2zEx ]
RAR File Size : 1.51MB





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