Cartoon Network Battle Crashers [SWITCH XCI]

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers

Cartoon Network Battle Crashers is a mediocre side-scrolling beat ‘em up that doesn’t do the genre or its license justice. While its visuals pop, the lack of plot or voice acting – along with a tepid control scheme – make the game feel more like a cheap cash-in and less like a competent gaming experience to all but the most ardent fans of the cheeky stable of Cartoon Network properties.Cartoon Network Battle CrashersThere are some neat aspects to the game, but nothing that ever ends up being truly interesting. Each character has a jump and attack, but can expand their repertoire by collecting gems strewn about the level. Some of the additional attacks and perks such as shield-breaking and elemental blows seem to add another layer to the game, but you’ll eventually fall back on just jamming the punch/shoot button. You can swap between characters to maximize all their disparate abilities, but you’ll eventually just fall in line with the character whose attack fits your style and stick with them. Hit detection issues abound as watching 2D characters move in a 3D plane gives players a hard time lining up their shots.It seems very negligent to rob these otherwise energetic and talkative characters of wisecracks. They just feel like empty vessels under the guise of your favourite cartoons. There are various cameos as well but they feel slapped together and are similarly lifeless, even when given written dialog to give players hints or power-ups. Everybody and thing is just kind of…there. If it had nailed this aspect other things could have been glossed over as is typical in a licensed game, but Cartoon Network Battle Crashers doesn’t even try to be the one thing people expect of it, which is borderline unforgivable.


Release Date : 31st Oct 2017
Publisher :  GameMill Entertainment
Developer :  Magic Pockets
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fighting
Region : EUR
File Type :
File Size : 526 MB


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