Cars 3 Driven to Win [SWITCH XCI]

Cars 3 Driven to Win

Cars 3 Driven to Win falls for some of the pitfalls that are expected of a game released to coincide with a movie’s arrival in theatres. Rather rushed, rough around the edges and with minor but persistent annoyances, older players will certainly recognise the symptoms.
That said, Cars 3 Driven to Win hits top gear in some respects. Its gameplay mechanics are rather fun once grasped, there are a variety of modes and tracks to master, and despite its sidenote of a narrative it goes big on the film series’ charms. Young gamers and fans of the films will likely get beyond its flaws and rather enjoy what it does well, and it comes across as a game that was pushed out the door early but, nevertheless, was developed with some pride. It’s a bit of a ‘banger’ in car terms, but it has a good lick of paint and a good engine – one to pick up on a whim or at a discount, perhaps.Those complaints are also reflective of a broader sense of a game that could be a strong entry in its genre, but falls slightly short due to the IP or inevitable development constraints. Rough edges in performance, the introduction of a story and narrative at the start which then falls almost entirely off the radar, enthusiastic voice lines that loop too often; all issues that would be improved with a bit more budget and time. Alas, it’s the fate of many movie-based games to not have the luxury of time and money. Many of these complaints won’t be too relevant to big fans of the films, however, as the game has enough character and delivers enough fun to mostly outpace its flaws.


Release Date : 13th Jun 2017
Publisher :  Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer :  Avalanche Software
Genre: Racing
Region : EUR
File Type :
File Size : 4.9 GB


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