Bugs VS Tanks 3DS CIA

Bugs VS Tanks 3DS CIA

Bugs VS Tanks 3DS CIA

Bugs VS Tanks 3DS CIA

Acclaimed studio Level-5 invites gaming’s masters of design to explore big new ideas on a small scale for a creative experimentation series known as the Black Box / Guild. This mini-game title, Bugs vs. Tanks!, was created by Keiji Inafune. In Bugs vs Tanks 3ds CIA , players control a tiny customizable tank in battle against swarms of giant bugs.

Bugs VS Tanks 3DS CIA

No matter what difficulty you choose to play on, the missions gradually and steadily become more challenging. Bugs vs Tanks 3ds CIA To counter this, completing missions or finding abandoned tanks throughout certain stages reward you with new parts that you can use to customize your artillery. Though customizations are limited to simply your tank’s body, turret, and paint job, there are enough parts available to create and save different types of tanks for any situation that you may face. The biggest hindrance holding this game back is a complete lack of direction once you’ve entered a mission. A brief dialogue scene prefaces each stage explaining that your job is to collect stray soldiers or destroy a certain amount of anthills, but you’re essentially left to your own devices as soon as the level begins. In one mission in particular, you are tasked with rescuing four tanks in under three minutes, but there is no in-game collection counter, and the missing tanks are not marked on the touchscreen’s mini-map, causing the entire mission to be a mad scramble to find as many tanks as possible without knowing how many you have left to collect, or if you’re just treading the same ground over and over again. While some stages do have a rendezvous point marked on your map, these are usually the more linear missions that wouldn’t require map assistance anyway.


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